The International Center is pleased to welcome two new student workers this semester, senior Oscar Castro and graduate student Lu Hou.

Oscar is double majoring in Global Studies and Spanish. He attended a LaSallian high school and cherished the quality education that the Brothers and LaSallian educators provided him. The values that were instilled in the students were something that really became a part of who he is, so he decided to look to another LaSallian school. Oscar came to visit Saint Mary’s University of MN and fell in love with the bluffs and with the community. One thing he was looking forward to in going to college was being able to embrace new cultures and meet people from all over the world. “I would like to let the rest of the campus know that the International Center is open to all to come hang out, and they need to take the time to get to know the international students and make them a part of this Saint Mary’s family.” Upon graduation from Saint Mary’s, Oscar wants to either take some time to volunteer abroad or join a law firm to see if immigration law would be the right field for him to get into. A word of advice that he would offer any new incoming international students is that although it is important to stick to your roots and remember where you came from, make sure to put yourself out there and try some new things.

Lu’s graduate program is GIS (Geographic Information Science). She chose Saint Mary’s because her friend recommended it, and she thinks it’s a very safe and peaceful place, which is suitable for studying. For her the atmosphere of the International Center (IC) is very relaxing and staff is so friendly that it makes her feel warm when she works in the IC. She hopes more domestic students will get involved with international students to help enrich each other’s cultural experience. She would like to be a teacher in a college when she returns to China. As for advice to future students, be brave and be yourself!


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