img_2717In November, the De La Salle Language Institute’s ESL students, together with the 25 visiting Mexican Proyecta students, had the opportunity to observe and participate in over 30 undergraduate classes on the Winona campus. Over 20 professors, from all departments, welcomed students into their classrooms to participate in academic discussions and exchange cultural perspectives.

Two of the many examples include education students participating in dialogues centered on how education is both delivered and received in seven foreign countries, and Spanish learners from the language department practicing their second language skills with native Spanish speakers.

The various interactions between students, inside each and every one of the classrooms welcoming our international students, created friendships, deepened cultural understandings, and ultimately built bridges between differing countries and their citizens.

Thank you to all Saint Mary’s instructors! We had far more classrooms offered than we had students to fill. We look forward to continued opportunities in the future!

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