During the past semester, international students had several opportunities allowing them to share their knowledge and experiences with both undergraduate and graduate education classes.  Eman Almubarak (Saudi Arabia), Wanyu Wang (China), Anudeep Belkeri (India) and Michael Nome (Nigeria) met with students in Elizabeth Donahue’s ED 250 K-12 Diversity course.  Through a question and answer session regarding culture and foreign educational practices, SMU’s future teachers were presented with firsthand knowledge related to the development of culturally responsive teaching practices.  In addition, Jan Dimmitt-Olson’s EDUC 585 Advanced Literacy students spent time in several of the De La Salle Language Institute’s ESL courses. According to Dimmitt-Olson, “We have many ELL standards in the course and the Language Institute allows us to see the stages of language acquisition and the effective instructional methods used to support the varied stages.”


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